Sunday, July 10, 2011

Round Barn

A few summers ago my family and I took a trip on Highway 66 and visited Arcadia, Oklahoma to see this historic Round Barn. We homeschool and are from Oklahoma and love to see the sights in our home state.  The barn was built in 1898, by William Harrison Odor and with help from members of his family and neighbors.
Mr. Odor believed building the barn round would protect it from tornados.
 The barn is 60' in diameter and 45' in height.
Admission is Free!
The barn is two stories high, the lower level was for livestock and the top story was for barn dances and other special gatherings.  Today the lower level is a museum and gift shop and the top story is rented out for weddings, receptions and parties. 
Posted by PicasaIn 1988 the roof collapsed, it took local citizens four years to raise money and repair the barn.

Oklahoma is my home state and I have to say I am proud to be an Okie!

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