Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Last Chapter

This is my last installment of our Kitchen Remodel (Face Lift)!
What an improvement!
Some of the things I learned:
1) There is a sentence every homeowner says when doing a project. They are "Well, while we're at it, we might as well..... Add more into your budget than you think you will spend. You will probably come up with other things that you want or need to do. We hadn't planned on replacing the microwave but, well you know what we said, so a new microwave was added.
2) Take you time in picking out your colors. Paint can easily be changed but cabinet tops, backsplash and floors can not. Get samples of flooring, tiles etc and place somewhere that can be viewed in different lighting. Look thru magazines, watch remodel shows, see what appeals to you.
3) Don't do a major remodel close to a major holiday.
You don't need more stress!
We  had the cabinet tops installed the day before Christmas Eve!
Also, add a week or two longer than you think it will take. 
4) Prepare and freeze some casseroles. There are just so many times you can have sandwiches or take out. Have some things ready that can go in the crock pot. On the day they installed the floors I had my crock pot going in the dining room. We couldn't be in the kitchen and we didn't want to leave, but we were able to have a hot meal. Also, have disposable paper plates/bowls/utensils on hand. There were several times I just couldn't use my sink.
Posted by Picasa5) Take before pictures. It is always interesting to look back to see how things looked.
6) Invest in quality materials, such as paint brushes, rollers and paint. It will make a big difference in your quality of work and how it is applied.

7) Remodeling is a perfect time to organize/clean cabinets. I cleaned inside each drawer and cabinet, got rid of items, I just didn't need or use and replaced  the shelf paper

8) Keep a notebook of your ideas, pages out of magazines, paint samples etc. I started planning this remodel at least a year before we actually did it.

9) Do as much of the work you can yourself. It will save you a lot of money. My husband and son did all the demolition, electrical and plumbing and  I did all the painting and  wallpaper.
10) Remember it is just a remodel job and it will get completed. Enjoy!
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  1. Great summary! And I LOVE the title of the next remodel post, so funny!