Monday, February 8, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Chapter one

We decided several months ago to start remodeling our kitchen. Our home is close to 50 years old and the kitchen needed a facelift . I started by taking down the wall paper above the cabinets. I replaced it with a paintable wallpaper. I painted the wallpaper and the walls the same sage green.

I then started painting the cabinets doors. This was a time consuming project. My husband and son took the cabinet doors down in stages only 5 or 6 at a time. I didn't want handles on the top any more so using dowel rods, glue and putty, I filled them in.  I sanded, puttied, and sanded again. I cleaned the doors first using mineral spirits then an ammonia and water solution and last just water. I then primed each side with an oil base primer. I chose a cream color for the final coat and used an oil base paint for this as well. 

 Below you can see some of the finished doors.  More to come.....

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