Friday, August 15, 2014

Chuck-wagon Quillo

I made this recently for my grandson's birthday, I wanted it simple and washable. Sorry, I didn't take specific measurements. The fabric was bought at Hobby Lobby and washed and dried before I started sewing.

I cut out panels and laid them out on my dining room table to decide on the pattern. Once my decision was made I assembled my top. I used a coordinating fabric and batting to make the quilt, I sewed everything together with sitch in a ditch, which worked out well. For the binding I over lapped my backing and hand sitched it.

To make the pillow I made a square that was appoximately third the size of the quilt by width. The size I experimented with until I got the size that work. I sewed the sides but left both ends open.

To make it into the pillow, fold the quilt 1/3 over and the other 1/3 over.

Start at opposite end of the pillow top and fold over twice.

Put your folded over layers in the pillow top, reach thru the opposite end to pull it thru and straighten.

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