Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mimi's Magical Bag

Just like Mary Poppins magical bag, I wanted a bag to take whenever I go to see my grandchildren, full of  toys and goodies and to seem never ending. I thought it would be fun at each visit  for them to play with new things and see what goodies I have added. I also, thought it would be handy when going out to eat or some place  where a little one might get bored. I will take away and add items to keep it interesting!
The tote bag is one I designed and have made several times. I plan to give a tutorial on it sometime in the future. Mine has several pockets on the inside and a big one on the outside, any bag could be used.
Some of the goodies I have already collected: stickers, crayons, chalkboard with chalk, hand-crank flashlight, mini fan, sticky notes, water-coloring book, a fold up cup and a couple of mini containers.
Below is a collection of web-sites of other neat stuff I plan to make. 

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  1. I love it - this is such a wonderful idea and will create wonderful memories with the grandkids :)

  2. this is really neat!!!

  3. What a fun bag! My mom had a little one when we went to visit her, and my daughter loved the stuff in it.