Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tips for Cooking with a Dutch Oven

I haven't been cooking with my Dutch Oven long but I would like to share  some tips.

1. Dutch Ovens come in a variety of sizes, the bigger the heavier. Lift them at the store, buy one you can easily lift and remember it will be heavier with the ingredients inside. The most used size is 12 inches.
2. Buy a Dutch oven with a flat lid, it is more efficient to heat with the the charcoal briquet's.
3. Invest in really good oven mitts. You can buy ones that are designed for this type of cooking.
4.You also need a lifting tool for the lid. I have three that are different lengths and were hand made for me by a family friend. But you can buy one commercially.
5. If you are going to use your Dutch Oven while camping do as much of the prep ahead of time at home. It will save you time and it is easier to do clean up at home.
6.Buy or check out Dutch Oven cookbooks. I have three and they have been very helpful. They also have charts for how many briquet's you need to use on top and on bottom to get the temperature you need.
7. Think outside the box, you can cook almost anything in a Dutch Oven.
8.Buy a good quality charcoal briquets. Temperature control is very important and your briquets are the key.
9.Rotate your Dutch Oven a quarter turn every 10 minutes  for even cooking.

10. Be careful, you have to be mindful of the heat, smoke and the ashes.

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