Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Warrior #2

Weekend Warrior strikes again, we had company for the weekend. So I decided to try three new recipes. What it the point of always reading blogs and never trying the recipes, right?
First is Dixie's Sky High Biscuits from Delightful Country Cookin. These biscuits were very good and made me wonder why I don't make homemade biscuits more often.
Second was Blackberry Crumb Pie from A Cook at Heart. This was oh my goodness good! 
My last recipe wasn't from a blog but from All Recipes, Cranberry Muffins. These were also good and could be made with blueberries or raspberries. I thought they were a little dry but I think I over baked them. 
All three recipes will go in my recipe binder to be made again.

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  1. So I posted a comment on here the other day but I guess I messed it up. Oh well, I said (and I still agree) that those biscuits look really good!