Saturday, May 28, 2011

Personalized Dinosaur Shirt

I first made this for my son many years ago, during the period when he loved dinosaurs. Even though my grandson is too young to like dinosaurs, I thought it would make a cute onesie. His name is Ollie so this dinosaur became an Ollieosaurus my son's name is Noah so his was Noahosaurus. You get the idea.
Of course any name and any dinosaur can be used.

First wash and dry your garment and don't use a dryer sheet.
I  went online and copied a simple dinosaur pattern. I reduced it to the right size for my onesie, placed it underneath the front and used a pencil to copy it.
Place freezer paper between your layers, so your paint does not bleed thru.
I used acrylic paints but add a textile medium, this makes your paint permanent on fabric.
Posted by PicasaWhat is great about this project is you can use any style dinosaur, any color shirt or paints. When my grandson gets older I plan on making this again  but use a t-shirt and make him shorts from dinosaur material.

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  1. This is really cute! I'm glad I got to see it on our Ollieosaurus!