Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We began homeschooling over 16 years ago. We started with one daughter in sixth grade, another daughter in 3rd and a newborn. Both daughters graduated high school with a homeschool group and went on to receive bachelor degrees. Our son is now 16 and plans to graduate in two years and go to college. It has been a rewarding and challenging experience.

To celebrate the Homeschooling journey and using my initials "RFC".

I plan once a month to have " R is for Reading". One event I have enjoyed is having a Book Club with other homeschool students. Every month a book was read and we would get together discuss the book, watch the movie and have games, food etc. based from the book.  I will have activities that can be done with a group or one child.

Once a month  will be "F is for Fun", sharing crafts and activities for boys and girls of all ages.

Also there will be "C is for Cooking".  I believe that boys and girls both need to learn how to cook. I will share easy tried and true recipes.

Hope you join me,


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