Saturday, December 31, 2011

Freezer to Crockpot Helpful Hint

I have begun to stock my freezer with meals that can go straight from the freezer to my crockpot. All the recipes tell you to put the ingredients into a baggie and then your crockpot.

 I thought a better step would be to put the ingredients  into crockpot liners. The liners go directly in my crockpot  for cooking, none of the ingredients get lost in  a baggie. Crockpot liners are a great item to keep on hand, you can find them in the plastic wrap, baggie section at your grocery store.  I keep mine in my crockpot so I don't forget to use them. They make for a non clean up meal!

After I have put everything in the crockpot liner and twist tie it shut I
put the meals into baggies, label and freeze.
The meals are ready for me to pull out of my freezer and go straight into my crockpot.
Less mess and I can reuse my baggies.

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